"This product, in my opinion, represents the single most important breakthrough in health that I will witness in my life time. I believe it will revolutionize, change, and transform the practice of medicine world-wide and make Dr. Robert Keller more famous than Jonas Salk who created the polio vaccine."

Dr. John C. Nelson MD, MPH, FACOG, FACPM
159th President of the American Medical Association

* Dr. Nelson is not a member of Max International nor is a paid spokesperson for MaxGXL.

Dr. Charles Richard Mabray is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and bariatric medicine and has been in practice for 35 years. He has also been involved in the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and The Pan American Allergy Society. He began to recognize the importance of glutathione more than 20 years ago after observing improvements in his patients whose glutathione production was supported and encouraged. This background prompted him to try MaxGXL. As my patients, friends and family began to use MaxGXL, it became apparent that there are enormous benefits for health, he says. Making MaxGXL available to my patients has revolutionized my life and their health. I have never seen a medicine or supplement that helped so many, so much, so quickly.

Dr. Charles Mabray (Texas)

As a chiropractor, I've been introduced to many supplements over the years, Dr. Reed Shiraki says. I recommend MaxGXL to all my patients because an increase of glutathione levels in the body greatly enhances the benefits of proper spinal alignment. With MaxGXL and chiropractic working together, the discomfort gets knocked out as inflammation is naturally controlled and the healing process is accelerated. It becomes easy to see why my chiropractic patients who take MaxGXL achieve total wellness.

Dr. Reed S. Shiraki (Hawaii)

Dr. Daria Davidson has been in health care for more than 30 years, first as an R.N., then as an emergency- medicine physician for 20 years and for the last several years in a private holistic-medicine practice. I've worked clinically with nutritional supplements for the last 12 years, and it is rare that I am truly impressed, she says. When I learned that MaxGXL was formulated by Dr. Robert Keller, I knew that this was one important supplement, probably the most significant one I'll see in my lifetime. I have been using MaxGXL personally and with patients since April 2007, and the results are delightful and varied.

Dr. Daria Davidson (Washington)

Dr. John Kindle practices family medicine in Canada and has been a physician for 34 years. Although he's always been healthy, he says, he was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and, as a result, had a kidney removed. He then began to search for ways to maintain and improve his health and immune function, and discovered MaxGXL. The science behind this product made absolute sense to me, he says. I started to use the product myself and advised my patients about what I had found. Dr. Kindle says he finds beneficial results when using MaxGXL. In my personal life, I have experienced incredible energy and my recovery time playing squash amazes me, as I play athletes 20 years younger than I am, he says. I am sleeping more soundly, as well.

Dr. John Kindle (Ontario, Canada)

Dr. Corinne Allen of Idaho is an international researcher and practitioner in natural health and nutrition and has been in practice for more than 30 years. After receiving her doctorate in nutrition, Dr. Allen went on to more training in neurokinesiology and brain-stimulation techniques. She is recognized for her natural and practical approach to health regarding natural and alternative methods of stimulating permanent changes in the brain in dyslexia, ADD, autism, Asperger's syndrome, learning disabilities, academic and behavioral issues and brain injuries.

"As soon as I heard about MaxGXL, I knew it was important," she says. "It has been the most significant product that I have ever used for the nutritional support of the brain and nervous system. I have never seen such fast, amazing and life-changing results from a single nutritional supplement. I work with all levels of brain injuries, mild to severe, and I find that from babies on up, if they have brain, emotional or developmental issues, they are severely lacking in glutathione."

"I have been on MaxGXL for four months," Dr. Allen says. "My energy level has doubled. I find that I have more sustained energy for 12 to 15 hours a day. My organization and management of my work has become better. My stress levels have greatly dropped. My stamina and endurance have increased. My motivated, strong production hours have increased substantially. I started taking it before bed and am now getting to sleep faster and sleeping more soundly."

Dr. Corinne Allen

"Glutathione circulates constantly throughout your body neutralizing free radicals and removing dangerous waste products and toxins from your system while increasing your level of energy. When your Glutathione level is high, your overall health is high. You feel good and you look good. You fight off minor illnesses quickly, you have plenty of energy, and you feel mentally and physically alert... you're at an optimal level of good health."

Alan Pressman, DC, Phd, CCN

"GSH (Glutathione) is the unsung antioxidant...the one that makes all the others work."

Robert C. Atkins, MD (Founder of The Atkins Center)

"Glutathione promotes longevity, protects the body against heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, psoriasis, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, and boosts the immune system strength and is useful fighting autoimmune diseases and other health problems of older adults."

Dr. Gutman, MD

The St. George Roadrunners, a minor league baseball team in St. George, Utah, have used MaxGXL since the team's inception in early 2007. Roadrunners and MaxGXL sponsored by Max International associates Jay McGregor and Stephen Wade, the team as a whole has noticed a difference in their performance and recovery times since starting MaxGXL. Team member Ryan Stephenson notes the difference in his life: "We play games almost every day, and my recovery time is awesome," he says. "I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go." Steven Wright, a fellow teammate, shares a similar view. "Once I started using MaxGXL, I noticed a change in my body's recovery, which enhances my performance."

Roadrunner Baseball Team (Utah)

I had a series of health issues beginning in the late 1980's. In 2001, I had a complete hysterectomy that helped my body to function better but I also developed some horrible side effects especially a lack of sleep. After 4 days, Charlene Ragsdale and MaxGXL of being on MaxGXL, I slept through an entire night! In addition, when I would get up, I limped from a sports injury in my left knee. In recent years, I have had to wear a knee support so I wouldn't hurt and my knee would not swell. One morning after a week of being on MaxGXL, my son said, "Momma you are not limping! What happened?" I have not had to wear my knee support in over two months!

We live in Las Vegas and for the past three years, my husband has worked as a cook on the graveyard shift. You can imagine his erratic sleep pattern! After four days of being on MaxGXL, he woke up proclaiming, "That was the BEST sleep I have had in three years!" And he continues to sleep better, has more energy and gets through his long nights much better than before. We can now live our life to the Max!

Charlene Ragsdale (Las Vegas, NV)

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